RVDA of Canada Unfolds Upcoming Marketing Agenda

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The RV Dealers Association of Canada made its quarterly marketing report to members in a news release Thursday (Oct. 6).

The Association reported it would widen its “Wildhood” campgaign, while addressing barriers to the RV lifestyle and expanding audience demographic in the upcoming months.

Marketing plans for 2016 focused on transitioning GRVC’s evolved communication platform from “launching Wildhood” to “expanding the definition of Wildhood” – widening GRVC’s communication audience focus (demographically) and addressing barriers to the RVing (regionally and tactically).

Through television, online video, display banners, paid social media, and a parternership with Spotify, GRVC’s integrated agency team continued to:

  • Address the key barrierrs to the RV lifestyle in 2016: “not for people like me” & “affordability”.
  • Expand audience demographic: “Adventurous Families” (with children) along with “Adult Outdoor Enthusiasts” (18 – 55 yrs./ non-parents) “Zoomers/Empty Nesters” (non-parents) and “New Canadians” (families with/without kids as more limited tactical opportunity)
  • Define Go RVing Canada as an entity to improve recall and prospect engagement.

While TV and online advertising support has been completed for 2016, ongoing social media efforts and SEM spend will contiunue for the remainder of the year to help move prospects lower in the customer journey, support RV shows and advance leads through the RV purchase cycle.


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