RVDA Chairman Addresses COVID-19

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RV Dealer Association Chairman Ron Shepherd recently shared a message with the industry regarding the recent outbreak of COVID-19. Read below:

Without question, these are interesting times we are living in. The year started off great for many dealers, but what does the future hold? None of us know for sure how the threat of COVID-19 will impact the United States in the long term. We had a company-wide meeting yesterday morning in an effort to help settle people’s concerns. For justifiable reasons, the coronavirus is all we hear about on the news. Our employees are concerned about whether or not they’ll have jobs to go to, and the country has seen a significant drop in its net worth in one week.

That’s enough to unnerve anyone.

What are we doing to protect them, and what happens if someone who works here gets the virus? The reality is that we don’t have answers to all the questions, but we can take measures to prevent the spread of this virus.
Starting immediately, we have appointed our own CDC (Camperland Disease Control) to clean and disinfect all doors, chairs, flat surfaces, and restrooms on an hourly schedule. Is that necessary? Maybe not, but it provides comfort to our employees and to the customers coming through the door that we’re doing our part to keep them as safe as possible and to follow government directives.

RVDA is providing updates to the board of directors as events develop in Washington, D.C., and we will continue to communicate with the members regularly to keep everyone in the loop. Things are changing rapidly and often. Before the end of the week, Congress will be voting on financial plans for families and businesses. When we have clarity on how these measures impact RV dealerships, we will pass it along immediately.

For now, I pray that you, your families, and employees are safe from the virus. Your health and well-being are far more important than selling another RV. We’ll have time for that in the very near future.

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