RVDA of Canada Queries Party Leaders

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As part of the RVDA of Canada’s Federal Election advocacy initiatives, the Association has written to each of the major political party leaders to share the RVDA of Canada’s key concerns and remind them of the important role the RV industry plays in the economy.

The Association also posed the following questions to each Leader:

  • What steps is your party willing to take to help promote economic activity and job creation in the tourism sector?
  • If elected, would your party favor providing targeted and dedicated investment in camping/RV infrastructure in Canada’s National Parks?
  • If elected, would your party favor reducing duties on aftermarket RV parts and add-ons to zero?
  • If a parent wishes to transfer ownership of their RV dealership to their child, the family will carry a significant tax penalty. How will your party address this if you are elected?

As responses from the parties come in, we will be sharing these with you for your information and to assist you in making your choice in the upcoming election. Please see the first response from the New Democratic Party of Canada, here.

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