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RVezy Launches Canada Insurance Policy

Canadian owned and operated RVezy.com, the country’s only peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace, continues to grow the sharing economy with the announcement of its full insurance offering across the country.

Launching in August 2016 as Canada’s first RV rental marketplace, RVezy has revolutionized RV travel across the country – connecting RV owners with aspiring vacationers and making the fun of an open road vacation affordable and accessible to all.

“We knew there was a need in the market for affordable RV rentals,” said RVezy’s Co-Founder Michael McNaught. “We want to make RV travel affordable whether that be from renting from your neighbour or renting your own RV and offsetting some of the ownership costs.”

Since launching in 2016, RVezy, with the assistance of AON Insurance, has transformed the RV sharing economy in Canada by building the first ever peer-to-peer RV rental insurance policy.

In 2017 RVezy was able to provide insurance to all RVs registered in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta and Quebec. Those RVs were rented by hundreds of travelers to Canada, and the insurance provided coverage to travel anywhere in North America.

Today, RVezy is announcing the launch of a policy that provides coverage to trailers registered anywhere in Canada, that promises full replacement value of the RV in the event of a claim. RV owners across the country can now rest assured that they are fully covered when renting their RV through RVezy.

“I learned from some of the experiences that I had renting my own RV privately and knew that trust and insurance was such a big concern. There was a gap in the marketplace with no insurance products available to privately rent your RV without an expensive commercial policy,” McNaught said.

“This is truly a remarkable moment in the RV sharing economy and took years of work to complete,” said McNaught. “It is really exciting to share the opportunity with other RV owners across the country, enabling them to make some additional income off an often idle asset.”

RVezy.com is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. RVezy employs exclusively Canadian employees and has a fully bilingual support team.

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