RVIA Asks Industry to Advocate for Dealers

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The RV Industry Association recently issued a statement calling to members of the industry to help in advocating for RV dealerships to remain open. The statement is reproduced in full below with only minor edits made in conjunction with AP Style:

RV Industry,

We need your help. Let the policymakers in your state know that it is imperative that RV businesses are classified as essential, allowing RV dealers to remain open and able to provide RVs for the emergency response and RV parks and campgrounds to continue serving their customers, many of whom are providing vital services during this national health crisis.

RVs are uniquely able to be used as mobile staging units, testing facilities, command centers, sleeping units, mobile medical clinics, bathroom trailers, laundry facilities, and more. RV dealerships must be able to perform critical maintenance and repairs for consumers who are currently RVing and provide liquified petroleum gas refills for heat and refrigeration. Moreover, there are RV mobile medical clinics already on the road now that may need service. Additionally, RV parks and campgrounds play a vital role as for traveling medical personnel as their only source of temporary accommodations.

As always, RVIA encourages our member companies to follow guidance from federal, state and local governments as it pertains to operational decisions.

The RV industry needs your help. Let policymakers in your state know that RV businesses must be classified as essential and able to continue to meet the critical needs of governments and RVers across the country.


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