RVIA Board Approves Fifth Wheel Dimensions

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The RV Industry Association’s board of directors met last week to discuss issues, challenges and opportunities facing the RV industry. The March 4 meeting in Tucson, focused on finalizing RVIA’s strategic plan and discussing recommended industry practices.

The board of directors approved the removal of the board-mandated 430 square feet in set-up mode limitation requirement for fifth wheels, effective immediately, and reconfirmed retaining the board-mandated 400 square feet in set-up mode limitation requirement for travel trailers.

This is a result of the “Housing and Urban Development” ruling that RVs are not housing and based on the discussion of the findings from a cross-collaboration task force established during the last board meeting.

The board also approved directing the Standards Steering Committee to develop a standard definition and method of measurement for determining “tip-to-tail” length of an RV, and further directed the committee to develop a recommendation on how such length information will be affixed to each unit.

This information is to be reported to the board prior to its next meeting.

The group will meet again on June 4, during “RVs Move America Week” in Washington, D.C.


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