RVIA Employees Pass Tech Exam

RVIA field reps Wade Greenwood and Connie Acord have both passed the RVDA/RVIA Registered Service Technicians training opening the door for them to eventually become trainers for the TnT program.

There are three levels of TnT credentialing: Registered, Certified, and Master Certified. The first level certifies that a tech can recognize and diagnose a problem such as basic electricity, propane theory, fire and life safety, appliances, etc., and pass a detailed and accurate diagnoses to a technician who can fix the problem. Achieving the next level, Certified, verifies that a tech can identify and fix problems while the last level assures that a tech has five years’ experience and scored extremely high on the exam. 

There are two ways to prepare for the exam, a self-study review of RVIA text books and other online resources or the hands-on TnT course. Wade studied using the RVIA textbooks and online resources and took part in the new pilot exam in April 2017 proctored online. The online program is through the Mike Molino Learning Center, an RVDA/RVIA program.

Acord participated in the live, hands-on Registered technician course offered by RVIA through the TnT Program. The course concludes with participants taking the exam in the written form. 

“We would like to see the field reps eventually become Certified, which would enable them to become trainers for the TnT Program,” said Sharonne Lee, RVIA senior director of education. “This would expand our reach and ability to offer more technician training than we are currently able to provide. Both Wade and Connie were already extremely knowledgeable having both spent years in the RV industry but passing the exam provides them with the credentials to back up their expertise.” 

The RVIA Education Department is revising content of the exams and making sure that it aligns with the standards as well as the practical knowledge. The new Registered exam launched in July and the department is currently working on the new Certified exam, set to launch Oct. 1.

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