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RVMP Launches New Generator & Mobile Security Trailer

RV Mobile Power

RV Mobile Power (RVMP) has launched the Flex Power 2800i, the newest model in its Flex Power line of installed generators that power many of the smaller Class B vans and other single AC units.

This dual-fuel genset generator is one of the smallest footprint and weight in the industry. The Flex Power 2800i is also energy-efficient and designed to have a low impact on the environment.

RVMP CEO Jimmy Conroy II said, “All Flex Power units for the 2024 model year, including the 2800i, will be offered in 49-State and 50-State models using our EFI technology and are fully compliant with CARB SORE requirements, resulting in the Flex Power lineup meeting or exceeding current EPA requirements.”

Several OEM partners have already signed on to incorporate this new product and others in the Flex Power line into its latest model lineups, the company said, and RVMP is actively seeking new distribution partners and OEM customers.

“Additionally, we have launched our new RVMP Flex Security Alpha mobile security trailer,” said RVMP President Brian Carmichael. “Given all the theft in catalytic converters in the last few years, it’s a good fit for any business that wants 24/7 surveillance in their RV lot or business parking lot as well as multiple opportunities in other trade lanes. We’re proud to say that this product is being built at a new RVMP facility in Elkhart, Indiana.”

The trailer-based device provides 360-degree, bright LED flood lighting from eight lights with a 1,300-foot range. Equipped with pan/tilt/zoom cameras with a 500-foot range on a 27-foot-tall mast, the trailer incorporates Cloudastructure AI motion detection and an audible horn speaker and verbal response to aid in deterring theft. RVMP incorporates several of its currently patented products, including a Flex Power 4000i 4000W backup generator, Flex Power Force LiFePO4 400aH batteries and RVMP Solar 880W bi-facial solar panels and related equipment.

The surveillance system is controlled by remote, live-agent monitoring through cloud-based guardian software and services, which is much cheaper than the cost of a “live guard.” More information can be found at flexsecurity.com or on YouTube.

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