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RVroofMagic Debuts Newest Sealant Formula

EPDM Coatings, parent company of RVroofMagic, has brought forth a new generation of the roof sealant.

“Over the course of the last three years we have made significant strides in continuing to remain the RV roof sealant of choice in the industry,” said Greg Kazmierczak, senior vice president of sales. “This included adding a mildewcide to the product in 2020 to deter mold spores from growing on the roof and increasing its tensile strength; all without increasing our costs to the consumer. Our latest development is a modification that now permits the product be applied directly over a stable TPO roof, without the need for a primer or multiple coats.”

Kazmierczak said that last point is significant because many other coatings are not compatible with TPO and the few that are require a primer. TPO is thermoplastic polyolefin, a material that hit the U.S. market in the early 1990s.

The new product update from RVroofMagic will finally provide a solution for RV owners with a TPO roof and will allow their customers to enjoy many more years in their RV or camper by applying their one coat system. RvRoofMagic is not just for customers who are currently experiencing a leak, the company said. Many of its customers want to head off potentially costly repairs by re-coating their roof now and avoid thousands of dollars in damage later down the road.

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