RVS Unveils New 360° Monitoring System

The RVS-01-360 inView 360° HD Around Vehicle Monitoring System

Brooklyn, New York-based Rear View Safety introduces its latest step in total vehicle protection, the inView 360° HD.

The company said the inView greatly reduces blind spots by giving drivers a real-time 360° view around the vehicle. The system is equipped with four full-HD ultra-wide fish-eye cameras as well as a built-in solid-state DVR, enabling the operator to both view and record high definition video. The video provides indisputable video evidence of incidents (ideal for court or insurance purposes) and prevents fraudulent claims against operators. A completely HD system, the RVS-01-360 easily integrates into a full HD monitor.

“The real beauty of the inView is the compact full HD ultra-wide cameras,” said Alex Trkulja, Rear View safety director of sales. “Small but mighty, the cameras create four unique views that stitch together a real-time 360 view around the vehicle and all surroundings. This 360° view combined with a single image view based on automatic triggers helps with parking, blind spots, and navigating cramped roads. The simple calibration and innovative interface are great additions as well.”

A customizable on-screen overlay allows the user to adjust overlay width, length, and position to fit their specific need. This saves valuable time when deploying outriggers, water dumps, tool boards, or filling water tank vehicles.


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