RVSEF Adds Neuman as Director of Operations

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The RV Safety and Education Foundation is seeking to extend its message to a broader audience.

To that end, RVSEF has brought on board Ken Neuman as director of operations. 

“His ethics, values, experience and most of all, his passion there (at Protect All) spoke volumes,” Executive Director Walter Cannon said. “As a long-time supporter of RVSEF, he’s very familiar with our goals, and I’m confident he can help us reach more RV enthusiasts and market sectors, solidifying our brand even more with our message of safety and education.”

Neuman was previously the vice president of sales and marketing for Protect All products.

“Promoting education and safety has always been a challenge, as they’re some of the last things we might want to think about when considering recreation,” Neuman said. “However, the foundation has a rich history, mountains of data, and a fantastic story 25 years in the making.”

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