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RVTI Recruiting New Techs With Outside Help

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The RV Technical Institute continued its recruitment efforts this week by partnering with Campers Inn, Cruise America and Grand Design RV at the American School Counselor Association’s Atlanta Conference. Taking place from July 15-18, the conference offered K-12 school counselors, college professors, graduate students, and school counseling supervisors an opportunity to network and engage in professional development. It is also an opportunity for the RV Technical Institute and its partners to share information with the counselors on the RV service technician career path. More than 3,500 school counselors annually attend this event.

“This is where all of the school counselors across the country come together and we have one of the largest displays,” says Curt Hemmeler, RVTI executive director. “We’re attending the event to educate school counselors about the industry, its work opportunities, and the service technician position. The idea is that they’ll take this information to their high school students and inform them about the RV industry and the need for technicians.”

RVTI boothWhat makes the RV Technical Institute booth one of the most visited was the Grand Design Imagine 2800 BH provided by Campers Inn.

“Campers Inn RV is proud to have partnered with RV Technical Institute for the American School Counselor Association’s Atlanta Conference,” says Ben Hirsch, chief operating officer of Campers Inn RV. “This collaboration has given us a valuable platform to showcase the RV industry and the exciting career opportunities it offers, particularly for RV technicians. We remain committed to hiring institute-trained techs to contribute to the growth of the industry. Together, we strive to inspire the next generation of RV enthusiasts and skilled technicians.”

“The outdoor lifestyle continues to gain popularity throughout North America and recreational vehicles continue to be a great way to discover amazing places and build lifelong memories,” added Don Clark, president and CEO of Grand Design RV. “Customer satisfaction has never been more important and Grand Design RV is proud to assist the RV Technical Institute in its charter to recruit, educate and train existing and new technicians for our industry.”

“We would like to thank Campers Inn for bringing in the Grand Design RV unit to the conference. Attending this event grants Campers Inn additional national recognition, so when school counselors discuss going RVing it gives their company an opportunity to market their 30-plus locations. This is a chance for them to showcase their company and their dedication to hiring institute-trained techs,” Hemmeler adds.

Also in attendance alongside the institute was RV rental company Cruise America.

“This was something a little different this year. We also had Cruise America at the event with us offering discounts to the school counselors to try RVing,” said Hemmeler. “This additional partnership gives the counselors an opportunity to go out and actually enjoy RVing.”

Hemmeler notes that attending events like these is a significant part of the RV Technical Institute’s long-term recruitment plan. “Attending these events has always been part of our strategic plan. We had to build the school and build the curriculum and now we’re emphasizing recruitment. This is a huge part of the institute’s strategic plan of driving more interested individuals into the industry and building a pipeline of future RV techs.”

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