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RVWA Honors Female Leaders at Symposium Award Ceremony

RV Women's Alliance

The heartfelt round of applause and standing ovation for Tracy Anglemeyer, RV Technical Institute’s director of recruitment, who was awarded the RV Women Association (RVWA)’s Trailblazer Award for Lifetime Achievement last night, was exemplary of the support the attendees of this week’s RVWA Educational Symposium showed all women.

Anglemeyer, who has more than 30 years of experience in the RV industry including most recently – before joining RVTI – as vice president of sales for Furrion, was visibly touched by the honor, as all the award winners were.

From left: Denise Chariya of THOR, the chair-elect of the RVWA, Anglemeyer, and Susan Carpenter, current chair.

“I want to dedicate this to y’all,” Anglemeyer said, acknowledging the women in the industry who came before her, too. “I’ve been known for saying ‘Break the glass and break it clean.’” She encouraged the audience to do their jobs ethically in order to pave a positive road for others to come behind them.

Three other awards were given out at the dinner banquet Thursday evening, at the conclusion of a full day of networking and learning sessions for symposium attendees.

The Leader of Tomorrow award was given to Chelsea Kreigh, an HR business partner and executive assistant at Newmar. The Champion of Women – Company award went to Thetford/Norcold and was accepted by Mary Pouliot, executive vice president of the company.

“We are honored to accept this,” Pouliot said. “This female revolution that the industry is witnessing is awesome.”

And the Champion of Women – Individual award was presented to Lisa Liegl Rees, founder and general manager of East to West.

“It means a lot to be here and be a part of this family of women,” Rees said. “I hope we’re all making a difference together.”

Susan Carpenter, current president and chair of RVWA, reminded the attendees last night that in January, she will turn over the chair position to Denise Chariya, director of marketing at THOR Industries. Carpenter will retain her role as president.

She reviewed the accomplishments of the organization as the banquet kicked off, noting the success of the RVTI all-female training program, which has seen female inquiries into RVTI increase from 5% before the all-female classes, to now 37%.

Carpenter also encouraged attendees to take part in the association’s mentorship program. Currently 24 people meet once a month as part of the program, which was started last year.

She expressed joy at seeing the attendees at the symposium, noting the people present are carrying out RVWA’s mission to “make the RV industry a place where women thrive.”

Read a full description of the award winners below, courtesy of RVWA:

Trailblazer Award for Lifetime Achievement: Tracy Anglemeyer, RV Technical Institute 

Anglemeyer is a true trailblazer in the RV industry, known for her unwavering dedication to innovation and gender equality. Throughout her career, which included significant roles at numerous RV companies, she consistently shattered barriers and set new standards for excellence. Her remarkable achievements, such as transforming product lines, propelling sales growth by 300% and increasing sales from $500,000 to $9.5 million, highlight her outstanding business acumen.

What truly sets Anglemeyer apart is her commitment to empowering women in the RV industry. As an active member of the RV Women’s Alliance, she spearheaded the development of all-female RV technician classes. This groundbreaking initiative not only promotes inclusivity but also opens new doors for women in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Tracy’s unwavering dedication, combined with her exceptional career achievements and tireless efforts to support women in the RV industry, has created a legacy to inspire, break down barriers and foster a more inclusive future in the RV industry.

Leader of Tomorrow Award: Chelsea Kreigh, Newmar

Kreigh, middle, with Chariya and Carpenter

Kreigh has made a lasting impact on the RV industry through her unwavering commitment to elevating, promoting, and educating others. Her leadership in Newmar and Winnebago’s CommunityGO initiatives has raised awareness about the needs of disadvantaged communities. Chelsea’s efforts have inspired increased volunteerism among team members, creating a positive impact beyond the workplace. As a member of Newmar and Winnebago’s Inclusion Council, Kreigh has actively fostered a more welcoming and inclusive work environment. She initiated listening sessions to address workplace concerns, ensuring that the voices of women are heard. Chelsea’s commitment to partnership, active listening, and participation in groups like Winnebago’s Women Inclusion Network (WIN) and RV Women’s Alliance reflects her dedication to others’ well-being. Her impact is evident as she continues to shape the future of the RV industry.

Champion of Women Awards

Liegl Rees, center

Individual Winner: Lisa Liegl Rees, East to West 

Rees is a passionate advocate for women in the RV industry. Leading a diverse team at East to West, Lisa has used her extensive industry experience to promote gender equality and empower women. She actively supports women’s advancement through education, networking and fundraising efforts. Rees also serves on the RV Women’s Alliance board, contributing her time, expertise and fundraising skills. She mentors young women, fostering their problem-solving and leadership skills. She promotes an inclusive environment where women take on leadership roles and make crucial decisions. Rees’s exceptional relationships with partners have expanded the RV Women’s Alliance’s reach into Canada. She fosters inclusivity and openness to new ideas, actively participating in activities to uplift women within the industry. Her dedication to fundraising, chairing the sponsorship committee, has significantly impacted the organization’s growth and influence.

Carpenter, left, Mary Pouliot and Laura Petee of Thetford, Chariya

Company Winner: Thetford

Thetford Corporation stands as a remarkable champion for women within the RV industry, setting a shining example of commitment to gender equality, diversity and professional growth. Thetford’s impressive representation of women, with 45% across the organization and 30% on the plant floor, underscores their dedication to embracing diversity in a traditionally male-dominated manufacturing setting. Thetford excels in providing an accommodating work-life balance, especially for working mothers, demonstrating their understanding that parenthood should not hinder professional development. Thetford’s investment in training and growth opportunities exemplifies their commitment to women’s advancement, encouraging employees to continuously enhance their skills and knowledge.

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