Rydeen Tombo360
Rydeen Tombo360 DVR Mirror

Rydeen Debuts 360-Degree Rear View Mirror with Video Surveillance 

Rydeen Mobile Electronics, an electronics designer dedicated to advanced vehicle driver safety, has announced a new 360-degree video rearview replacement mirror with built-in touch capable 10-inch HD monitor.

The Rydeen Tombo360 DVR Mirror houses a 360-degree, high-definition digital video camera. Tombo provides a full view of both the inside and outside of the vehicle from the vantage point of the rearview mirror.

The 10-inch frameless mirror embeds a full-length touchscreen that controls and displays streaming 4K video. The single 360-degree camera streams and records video from all sides of the car. Users can then choose to display the sides of the car for blind spot monitoring or the front of the car and the rear seat, for monitoring passengers.

The mirror also can work with a backup camera with HD video quality.

Users can swipe left and right on the mirror to view the particular perspective they wish to see. They can also set the mirror to show split screen views of multiple angles (including left and right-side lanes or front view plus backseat).

When the DVR mirror is off, it becomes a normal reflective mirror. 

The Tombo360 can show rear video footage and the rear seat for complete viewing coverage. The Tombo360 mirror also can stream video from behind the car and automatically switch to a rear view when the car is in reverse.

In the future, Rydeen will add 4G/5G capability to the Tombo360.

“Even older vehicles can benefit from cutting edge technology with the Tombo360 mirror,” said Phil Maeda, Rydeen CEO and founder. “This is the only automotive mirror of its kind that combines both streaming video and a 360-degree camera for views in and around the vehicle.” The system uses a Sony Hi-Res CMOS sensor with advanced HDR technology, adjusting lighting conditions for clarity.

Rydeen will display the Tombo360 at International CES from Jan. 7-10 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, suite 2230.

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