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Safe T Plus

Safe T Plus Named East Coast KONI Distributor

Safe T Plus Steering Control has partnered with KONI, a manufacturer of performance and adjustable shock absorbers. KONI has named Safe T Plus as its East coast distributor of its shock absorbers.

“KONI and Safe T Plus work together to keep vehicles stable and safe on the road in every direction,” said KONI’s Jim Ryan. “Safe T Plus shares our commitment to quality, and we are proud to partner with a company that has stood the test of time like our own.”

The Safe T Plus team has recommended KONI shock absorbers to its customers for many years because of its performance.

Safe T Plus now sells KONI shock absorbers to RV dealers, resellers, and service centers and at a select number of trade shows nationwide.

“KONI values precision manufacturing and providing a safe, enjoyable driving experience to each customer as much as we do,” said Bryan Maggi, Safe T Plus CEO. “Plus, KONI also offers limited lifetime warranty on their product line similar to Safe T Plus Steering Control. The two products conjointly change the overall driving experience. Our partnership helps dealers offer their customers an overall improved Ride-Quality solution for their respective customers.”

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