Schattdecor Acquires U.S. Coating

The Schattdecor Group has finalized the purchase of U.S. Coating Co. of Lexington, S.C., a 24-year provider of decorative surfaces. This purchase will create a synergy between the two companies, providing the furniture, kitchen cabinet, and a variety of other industries with more options and products from one source.

The Schattdecor Group bought 100 percent of the shares of U.S. Coating and has completed ownership of the company. However, the corporate structure of U.S. Coating will remain the same and will operate independently of Schattdecor Inc., Maryland Heights, Mo.

The current CEO, Mike Moore, will continue with the company to manage operations. Schattdecor Inc. CEO Flavio Nunes said this is a great opportunity for both companies. There will be an exchange of new technologies and competencies for both organizations. With this acquisition the Schattdecor Group will increase production in the U.S. and create an expansion of the Schattdecor portfolio.

U.S. Coating, founded in 1994, is located in central South Carolina and provides decorative surfaces in manufacturing eco-friendly solid color Electron Beam cured coatings on various paper substrates. This includes a wide variety of finish foils in many solid colors and different finishes.

For more than 30 years, Schattdecor has been supplying printed decor paper, finish foil and melamine film globally to the wood-based panel and furniture industries. In 2018, the family-owned company, headquartered in Thansau, Germany, processed around 3 billion square meters of paper in the areas of printing, impregnation and lacquering.

Through this acquisition Schattdecor will increase its production and sales of finish foils in North America. To date, Schattdecor’s USA finish foil supply came from the group’s production facilities in Poland and Italy. In order to ensure that the company would have continued success in North America, it looked for an investment possibility that would include local production. Therefore, this purchase is creating market unity between U.S. Coating and the Schattdecor Group.

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