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Schattdecor Announces 2018’s Decor Selection

Schattdecor recently unveiled its 2018 Decor Selection, which comes out every other year in March. The selection includes decors that the surface specialist believes to be potential best sellers and that also have enjoyed positive feedback from customers. The Decor Selection 2018 is Schattdecor’s trend update, and also serves as a guide.
In 2017, the company presented four trend themes:

  • Ageless Living – Revolves around stone textures, metal surfaces, and dark, matte wood tones in oak or walnut. The decors: “Corodona,” “Biscaya Oak,” and “Teramo.”
  • Micro Housing – The decors: “Kitami” and “Iceland Pine.”
  • Smart Home – The decors: “Ventura Chestnut” and “Jackson Hickory.”
  • Community Zone – The decors: “Cuscino” and “Catania Oak.”

Schattdecor began presenting its Decor Selection at road shows and in-house trade fairs this month.

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