Scott Mereness
Scott Mereness

Scott Mereness Steps Down as President of LCI

Lippert Components has announced that Scott Mereness will be stepping down as president after 24 years with the company to pursue new entrepreneurial opportunities starting today.

Mereness will provide assistance to LCI to ensure a smooth transition. Going forward, it is expected that Jason Lippert will assume the title of CEO and president of LCI.

Mereness started his career with LCI in 1994 in the LCI Leadership Training Program as a welder and rose through the ranks holding numerous operational and executive roles including general manager, COO, and eventually, president. Mereness was one of LCI’s first hires in the Executive Leadership Training Program, under the leadership of Jason Lippert. Throughout his tenure, Mereness has helped grow the company from a $120 million Midwestern supplier of primarily manufactured housing products into a more than $2 billion global supplier of a broad array of components for RVs, buses, trailers, pontoon boats, European caravans, and other specialized vehicles.

“I am privileged that LCI has the ability to groom such a high-level leader who now has the skill set and preparation to run a company on his own,” said Lippert, LCI’s CEO. “I support him as a friend and as a business executive and there is no doubt in my mind that Scott’s entrepreneurial spirit and capacity will bring him success in whatever future endeavors he pursues or in how he applies himself within the world of business. LCI has a very deep and talented bench of executives that will continue to support the company as it moves into this next phase.”

Throughout his tenure, Mereness has overseen the company’s mergers and acquisitions strategy, completing more than 60 acquisitions for LCI in the past 20 years. Mereness’ legacy will always be credited for his help in molding LCI into what it is today.   

“I want to thank Jason and his father Doug for giving me a chance to work for a small entrepreneurial company,” said Mereness. “Blood, sweat, and tears were what it took to build this great company and so many of you have given that. … I am among the thousands of LCI team members who love this company greatly. I will miss the people the most. I know the company is in great hands with Jason’s leadership abilities. We have been best friends and business partners our entire careers, and we both want the same going forward.”

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