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SeaSucker Debuts ‘Basking Bag’

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SeaSucker has launched its new Basking Bag as a solution for securing everything from trash to dirty laundry.

RVers who care about the environment find trash blowing around the campground unacceptable, the company said – that’s often the unintentional result of using a makeshift garbage bag. SeaSucker’s new product is not permanently installed; it can be mounted in seconds wherever it’s needed — inside or outside the RV.

SeaSucker new product

Made in the USA, the Basking Bag uses SeaSucker’s innovative Vacuum Mount technology. Unlike an industrial suction cup that quickly loses holding power after it’s applied, the 4.5-inch mount holds up to 120 pounds.

The Basking Bag has a unique closure mechanism that secures its contents no matter how bumpy the road but opens easily with a convenient pull ring. Made from marine-grade UV-stabilized polymer with stainless steel hardware, the device is built for year-round outdoor exposure.

SeaSucker offers its black Basking Bag in two versions. The Standard model has a durable 27.5-inch L by 18.5-inch W by 6-inch D mesh bag. The same-sized Premium style uses a tighter-woven, deluxe material. They cost $165 and $179, respectively.

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