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Sensor Supplier Partners with Route 66

The RV industry has been experiencing rapid growth and at the same time the way that buyers expect to interact with dealers has been changing. Most of the buying change can be attributed to broad trends like the adoption of smart phones, the use of apps, and online-everything. goIDit saw an opportunity to develop solutions that leveraged these trends to help RV dealerships stay ahead of these changes.

goIDit provides inexpensive wireless sensors that are used to identify and keep track of every unit on a dealership’s lot and overflow storage areas. When a customer comes to the lot and wants to see a particular unit the dealership staff can easily find it and instantly guide that customer right to it.

“I’ve been told by many dealerships that there is nothing more frustrating than when a motivated buyer comes to the dealership and we can’t find the unit that they want to buy. We help dealership solve this problem and eliminate the risk of losing that buyer,” said Rex Lamb, president of goIDit.

Every Route 66 dealer was referred and invited to join the network based on their solid reputation for delivering excellent customer service.

“Our job is to help our dealers maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and competitiveness in our industry and we are happy to partner with goIDit to provide our dealers with a solution that will keep them ahead of their competition,” said Rob Merrill, partner at the Route 66 Network.

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