Sirius Integrator Debuts New Off-Grid Option

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Sirius Integrator debuts its ‘Pilot to Purchase’ fuel cell battery-charger program, a propane and reformed methanol 100-watt to 200-watt fuel cell generator battery chargers.

“Customers can now economically incorporate our new propane and reformed methanol 100w to 200w fuel cell generator battery-chargers into their mobile and stationary remote off-grid configurations to ensure reliable dc power for long periods of time between site visits,” the company said in a news release. “Our systems are used to provide continuous 24-7 or partial-day, 12-volt or 24-volt, DC power and to backup solar hybrid & grid connected systems.

The systems automatically recharge lead acid and LiFEPO4 battery systems with a charging range of 8-volt to 58-volt and operate in a wide range of hot and cold outdoor environments. As an extra benefit, the fuel cell’s warm air exhaust can be used to warm electronics, batteries, living space and/or water systems used in remote locations to make possible the removal of heaters and their configuration loads.

Our new “Pilot to Purchase” fuel cell programs break down the barriers of testing and purchasing these new dc power systems to enable customers to own the entire system in three to five monthly payments.

This program enables trial pilot testing to be booked on credit card and for each monthly payment to be credited to the purchase of that system, if a customer chooses to continue monthly payments to purchase after the initial pilot period. Customers can use locally supplied propane or reformed methanol to power these fuel cell systems to further reduce operating expenses and total cost of ownership (TCO).

New technology deployment risks are minimized and large capex expenditure approvals are no longer needed. Outdoor enclosures are available as part of this program, if needed. Monthly ‘Pilot to Purchase’ payments start as low as $ 1750 per month to promote 2017 fuel cell adoption and to drive process improvements across your field deployments.

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