Skyroam Adds Local, Pay-as-You-Go Wi-Fi Plans

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Skyroam, a global Wi-Fi provider, is expanding beyond flat-rate global data to offer lower-priced local Wi-Fi data plans designed for domestic travel and everyday use.

The new local options will be available within the Skyroam GoData Pay-Per-GB plan in the U.S. and Europe and will work with any Skyroam hotspot including the two newest models, Skyroam Solis X Wi-Fi Smartspot and Skyroam Solis Lite.

Skyroam Solis Lite is $119.99 and the new Skyroam Solis X is under $200 and includes a power bank, camera, and smart assistant. Skyroam plans don’t require a contract, have no hidden fees and offer both local and global data on-demand.

“The Skyroam Wi-Fi Smartspot just got smarter with new cheaper local data plans” said Eric Plam, president of Skyroam. “The GoData local plans will give our customers in the U.S. and Europe more flexibility to use every day for business, family-travel, and fun.”

Skyroam customers will see two new options available within the GoData plan. For those who want to stay on the flat rate plan, GoData global coverage is still $9 per month for one gigabyte of data to use anywhere. Local U.S. coverage is $6 per month for one gigabyte to use anytime.

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