Snooty Letter Leads to RV ‘Parade’

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After a snooty letter arrived in Amy Szablewski’s mailbox in Prairie View, Kan., suggesting the RV outside was “suited for another neighborhood,” Szablewski went to the local news, FOX 4.

The local Fox affiliate reported the story, and as it turns out, the RV wasn’t even Szablewski’s. But Kansas City radio DJs Daniel Terroros and Danny Boi (96.5 The Buzz) took note of the issue, and staged an RV parade Friday (Jan. 9).

The parade came amid months of Prairie View city council debates and rulings on how and where an RV can be parked outside a residence.

For example, the council recently ruled that a parked RV must have a fitted cover, rather than a tarp to protect it from the elements.

The DJs were hoping to use the current event to stir things up a bit, and though only one RV showed up to the parade – brought by Trailside RV Center owner Steve Francis – several cars, and TV crews from local stations (KMBC,WDAF and KCTV) showed up to interview the DJs along with Francis.


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