Sobel University Accommodates Dealers with New Course Options

Sobel University has announced that due to staffing issues facing dealers, it is opening its Advanced Comprehensive Sales Course, scheduled for Dec. 7-11, to new sales professionals.

While the Advanced Course is geared more towards top-selling veterans and management, Sobel says the course can offer a unique opportunity for everyone.

“The demands of COVID-19 on our industry have left many RV dealerships understaffed. Dealers need a way to get these new hires up to speed quickly, so we are expanding our course to help.” said Sobel University’s Vice President, Jered Sobel.

He added that while newcomers will be exposed to a lot of new information quickly, taking the course surrounded by industry veterans should greatly benefit their experience.

“These veterans attend yearly and are not shy about voicing the objections they hear,” Sobel said. “They come to this course looking for ways to help more people go camping. This is an incredible opportunity for new people to witness how the best in our industry continue to look for ways to grow.”

The school’s Comprehensive Sales Course will be available at multiple experience levels as well. It is scheduled for Nov. 30-Dec. 4.

For more details on these courses and information on signing up, visit


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