Sobel University Expands Online Library

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Tacoma, Wash. based-Sobel University said it has hit a new milestone in online sales and management courses. The RV-specific sales and management training school announced that they have published more than 1,000 training videos since launching their online platform in 2011.

While travel was restricted due to COVID-19, Jered Sobel, vice president of Sobel University, continued his normal training schedule. However, instead of spending time in rental cars and on airplanes, Sobel was able to spend time in the recording studio to update and expand course offerings.

“As of today, there are 1,394 training videos in our resource library for dedicated client use.” Sobel said Friday. “Of those courses, there are more than 400 current and relevant training videos designed for sales meetings that are active on at any given time. Because we know that the market is changing again, our staff is continuously working to add new content.”

In addition to its growing content library, Sobel University is known for its Comprehensive Sales Course; a week-long live certification class; webinars both monthly and quarterly; and products to support ongoing learning and retention.

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