Southwire Warns Businesses of Ransomware

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Southwire recently released a statement on its website cautioning businesses about a recent ransomware attack the company had undergone and swiftly addressed. Below is Southwire’s statement in full:

“Our commitment to our customers, partners and employees is top priority.

“Our teams continue to do a great job pulling together to serve our customers in the face of a significant cyber security incident that impacted some of our business operations. It has been several weeks since the cyber security incident at Southwire, and we now have a better idea of how this happened and are beginning to understand the extent of the disruption.

“We have confirmed that this was a ransomware infiltration of our system, and while we are still uncovering what specific data was taken, we have learned that the cyber criminals took confidential business information from the computer systems. We partnered with cyber security professionals to track and communicate with the cyber criminals. After refusing to pay the ransom for the information, the hackers released a portion of the information on a public website.

“On Dec. 31, utilizing outside counsel in the U.S. and in Ireland, Southwire was able to secure an emergency injunction from the Irish High Court. The injunction requires the defendants to remove all data relating to Southwire and its customers from its public website. Furthermore, the court’s order compels the defendants to hand over all data taken from the company and prohibits them from publishing any further material. Independently, Southwire was able to verify that the website was taken down within 24 hours of the judge issuing the order.

“Our top priority is taking care of our customers, partners and employees, and that will remain true throughout this situation. This challenge is not over, but we have made tremendous progress and are dedicated to doing our very best as we weather this storm together. A deep and genuine message of gratitude goes out to both our teams and our customers who have been a part of this process. We will continue to give updates here at as information becomes available.”

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