‘SP3 Integrity Frame’ Serves as Backbone to the SylvanSport VAST

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Haslett, Michigan-based ProMetal Works has partnered with Brevard, North Carolina-based SylvanSport to deliver the SP3 Integrity frame, exclusive on SylvanSport’s VAST towable.

“The SylvanSport VAST is the next generation of Outdoor Adventure towables and we are extremely excited to be a part of it,” said Fred Boling, co-founder of ProMetal Works.

The VAST can be seen this week at RVX in booth No. 3639

“The SylvanSport VAST redefines so many aspects of the RV/Outdoor Adventure living space and the ProMetal Works SP3 Integrity Frame is the foundation,” said Tom Dempsey, president and CEO SylvanSport.

The features and specifications of the VAST model include:

  • Patented all-season indoor/outdoor kitchen, oversized European windows with slide-out table and full lift-back tailgate create natural flow between indoors and outdoors
  • Customer-comfort lounge, hot showers, and two true queen size beds
  • Integrated side-mount rack system simplifies loading any style kayak, paddleboard or canoe. Spacious lounge searing slides forward to create secure interior cargo area for bikes and gear.
  • Proprietary extruded-aluminum frame and composite wall construction, powder-coated ProMetal SP3 Integrity Frame, torsion axle and trauma systems deliver maximum quality and durability for the long haul
  • Quality, fit, finish during the VAST’s lifetime
  • No-rust coating
  • Precision-cut parts
  • No welding
  • Green RVing technology

“We are fortunate to have John Sztykiel, an RV Industry leader for over 30 years, coordinate the design engineering through his firm Created 2 c,” Boling said.

“I spent 30 years on the motorized segment of the RV industry, and I am excited to play a small role of transforming the towable segment,” Sztykiel said. “ProMetal Works is a low-volume, high-mix metal fabricator with tremendous skillsets, equipment, and unique culture. We are very fortunate to partner with SylvanSport on the VAST, as it is an unreal product.”

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