Spartan Specialty Rolls Out Advanced Protection System

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Spartan Specialty Vehicles

To see a video about the Advanced Protection System features and development, click here

Spartan Specialty Vehicles announced availability of its new Advanced Protection System at the Family Motor Coach Association’s 94th International Convention today.

The Advanced Protection System is a package of collision mitigation and coach stability features designed to make owning and operating a Class A motorhome safer for drivers, passengers, and other vehicles that share the road, the company said in a news release.

The System provides collision mitigation, electronic stability control, adaptive cruise control and an integrated tow-vehicle airbrake system to Spartan’s stability and defensive driving technologies. The new package will be available beginning with select model year 2017 Class A motor coaches.

“The market asked, and we listened,” Spartan Motors President and Chief Executive Officer Daryl Adams said. “We’ve brought safety innovations that have been exclusive to the passenger vehicle segment to the motor coach market for the first time.

“In doing so, we offer our OEM partners the industry’s first comprehensive set of RV-specific safety provisions so they may extend additional protection, security, and value to their premium coach customers.”

Spartan’s Advanced Protection System includes collision mitigation, warning and active braking via a digital dash display that first alerts the driver audibly and visually of potential hazards that could lead to collisions. If no action is taken, the coach actively brakes to mitigate the chance of collision.

The system also features a forward-looking radar system with dual beam technology that detects objects in the motorhome’s path at distances up to 650 feet.

Other features include adaptive cruise control, electronic stability control and Spartan Safe Haul, a hydraulic tow vehicle braking system integrated with Spartan’s chassis systems so tow vehicles receive adequate and safe air pressure to supply optimal braking performance.

A product overview of the Spartan Advanced Protection System and other details are available here.


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