Starcraft RV Rebrands Itself

In addition to its new 2018 model year lineup, Topeka, Ind.-based Starcraft RV, a division of Jayco, has rolled-out a new look for the brand that includes several product enhancements, a refreshed logo and a plan for a completely updated website to enhance its digital presence.

“Our executive management group tasked the entire product development team at Starcraft to re-boot and focus on what today’s retail customer is looking for in an RV,” stated Marc Hauser, VP of sales and product development for Jayco’s towable divisions. “We decided to not only overhaul the product with several interior and exterior enhancements, but also felt it was important to refresh the brand as a whole, including our Starcraft logo, website, marketing tools and point of purchase materials.”

“The entire team believes that the Starcraft story is very powerful but needed to be communicated more effectively through these channels and we feel that these new changes will accomplish just that,” Hauser continued. “We are also extremely focused on producing and delivering products that march in-step with Starcraft’s tag-line: ‘Camping, Pure and Simple.’”

One of the most exciting product changes for Starcraft in its 2018 model lineup is the Autumn Ridge and Launch Ultra-Lite Outfitter series which aims to target camping pure and simple, offering campers what they want in an RV, including many of the basic amenities that most competitors list as optional.

In addition to the Outfitter product offerings, Starcraft’s 2018 lineup includes the Comet Mini travel trailer, Launch Ultra-Lite travel trailer, Autumn Ridge travel trailer, as well as the Solstice fifth wheel.

“We’ve already received very positive feedback from our dealers on the 2018 improvements and we believe our products are in line with market demands and are competitively priced,” stated Jeff Kloska, Starcraft’s GM. “We are ready to seriously compete in the marketplace and feel confident our new brands and streamlined product offerings will be a huge hit with both the dealer and retail consumer.”

Starcraft also has plans to release a new website with a new look and feel. The website will be focusing on today’s internet-savvy shopper and will be compatible across multiple screen sizes and platforms. Starcraft visitors will find the site, which will provide them with the information they need to make an informed decision about their new Starcraft RV, easy to navigate and intuitive.

For more information about the new Starcraft RV brand and its 2018 model year offerings, including the all-new Autumn Ridge and Launch Ultra-Lite Outfitter series, contact Jeff Kloska at  

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