MODE 4x4 adventure van series interior
Storyteller Overland's new MODE 4x4 adventure van series

Storyteller Overland Launches MODE 4x4 Series

Storyteller Overland officially launched its new MODE 4x4 adventure van series on the floor of the inaugural RVX Expo earlier this week.

The MODE 4x4 features the 9kw LiveFree OTG Energy System (powered by Volta). This lithium-ion battery system provides MODE 4x4 owners with clean, sustainable power. Additionally, the unit comes with patent-pending features, like: the retractable HALO indoor/outdoor FlexShower and privacy curtain system, the multi-purpose FlexSpace that converts from a bench to a concealed shower drain, storage area, or even tailgating cooler, the DreamWeaver foldaway workbench/murphy bed system, and a tri-fold seat/bed system with three-point safety harnesses known as the GrooveLounge seat system. 

All of these exclusive patent-pending features play together in perfect harmony with the upscale materials and high quality components featured throughout the masterfully laid out floorplan and feature set to maximizes space economy while maintaining a stylish, yet rugged interior design. 

Owners of the MODE 4x4 can also use the StorytellerGo On Demand Customer Care app.

“Because to our customers it's not just a new van … It’s a brand-new way of life,” said CEO Jeffrey C. Hunter. “It’s not about how cool and capable the vehicle is, it’s about all the life changing experiences and great stories they will be able to go collect along the way while traveling in and enjoying it. We love helping our customers pursue their passions, so we created their ‘MODE’ to go get out there and make it happen.”

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