Strongway Debuts Solar Battery Maintainer Kit

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Northern Tool + Equipment, recently released an amorphous solar panel battery maintainer kit under its Strongway brand.

The kit is designed to efficiently replenish and maintain the battery life of ATVs, RVs, trucks, cars and boats under the toughest weather conditions.

“The Strongway amorphous solar panel battery maintainer kit is a perfect companion for those who plan to travel and explore,” said John Bakke, vice president of merchandising at Northern Tool + Equipment. “This new battery maintainer gives anyone the ability to be self-sufficient and bypass the need for a jump. It’s great for those long hunting or fishing excursions, road trips and much more.”

The kit includes a two-watt solar panel, a set of battery clamps, tilt mounting poles and Z-brackets with mounting screws. It weighs less than two pounds and measures about one-foot by half-a-foot.

An amorphous solar panel gives the kit the ability to perform very well under poor lighting conditions, according to the release. The panel’s thin film solar cells allow the kit to overcome these factors that would otherwise hinder its ability.

The solar panel is enclosed in a heavy-duty aluminum housing that’s weather-resistant – capable of working in temperature ranging from minus-104 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.


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