Suburban Launches Three New Products

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Suburban, a division of Airxcel, recently unveiled the Elite Series Outdoor Griddle, Voyager Portable Fire Pit, and a new line of 6-gallon RV water heaters for the aftermarket designed for new water heater installations and to replace existing water heater models with aluminum storage tanks.

First, the Outdoor Griddle features a cast-iron griddle plate for universal cooking and a grease collection drawer for quick clean up.

“With 11,000 BTU per hour you can cook steaks, burgers, hot dogs, bacon and more,” said Troy Nusbaum, vice president of OEM sales for Airxcel. “The Griddle Plate provides even heat distribution and has a hang hole for easy wash down after use. Conveniently, the plate is designed to store over the top of the base to take up minimal storage space.”

Next, the Voyager operates on liquid-propane gas and comes with large white pumice stones. The durable construction provides seasons of use, while the 360-degree flame can be adjusted to different variables.

“It’s lightweight and easy to carry with legs that fold and lock and a locking lid for transport and storage,” said Larry Lebryk, director of marketing for Airxcel. “Its large 15-inch diameter burner provides 54,000 BTU of smoke-free comfort and sets up in seconds.”

Lastly, the Suburban Advantage 6-gallon water heater fits in the same cutout as a 6-gallon water heater but is manufactured with a porcelain-lined steel tank that, with the use of an anode rod, is expected to have a longer life than aluminum tank models, the company stated.

“10,000 BTU per hour of liquid-propane gas provides a fast recovery time. Combine that with the optional 120-VAC, 1440-watt Incoloy electric element, and the recovery rate is even faster. The recovery rate basically gives an idea of how fast a water heater can heat water. The larger the recovery number, the more hot water (at the desired set point) the end-user can expect to be delivered over any given use period,” said Mitch Cornelius, product manager for Suburban water heaters. “Larger recovery rate means less waiting time for more hot water. Plus, by using Flue Tube Baffles, which is an industry exclusive, we are actually able to transfer more heat to the water in the tank, further enhancing the recovery rate.”

The Suburban Outdoor Griddle is available now for OEM installation.

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