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Sudbury Partners with Meyer Distributing, NTP-STAG


To promote its line of premium boat and RV care products, Sudbury has signed two new distributors: Meyer Distributing and SeaWide Distribution/NTP-STAG.

“Partnering with Meyer along with Seawide/NTP-STAG is an exciting growth opportunity for Sudbury,” said Brad Burton, Sudbury’s GM. “We’re confident in their ability to raise overall our brand awareness and saturate their core markets with our extensive product line.”

Indiana-based Meyer Distributing has 83 locations throughout the U.S. and an in-house logistics company that delivers to its customer base.

A result of a 2021 merger, SeaWide Distribution brought its marine business into partnership with the nationwide NTP-STAG‘s RV products network. Combined, the two companies leverage NTP-STAG’s national distribution network that includes eight distribution centers as well as 37 cross dock facilities throughout the country.

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