SunSparks Debuts Solar Power System for RVs

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One of the biggest headaches faced by RVers is keeping their batteries charged when camping. Electrical appliances like TVs, laptops, hair dryers, blenders, and air conditioners are all big drains on the battery bank.

With the innovative SunSparks Solar Charging System, RVers can economically and easily keep their RV batteries charged by harnessing the power of the sun. This system uses solar panels mounted on the vehicle’s roof; these panels are connected to the house battery bank through a charge controller.

Traditionally, there have been only two ways to keep appliances running when dry camping far from any electrical hookup: buying a large number of batteries, or running a generator.

A SunSparks System works in conjunction with existing equipment and is expandable and scalable to individual needs, providing a generating capacity of 150 to 450 watts. The SunSparks Plus kit also includes a wall-mounted LCD monitor, which lets you easily keep tabs on system performance and battery capacity.

“We designed the SunSparks Solar Charging System to really allow RVers to live the dream,” Gideon Needleman, Zebra Energy’s CEO said.  “You bought an RV to be out in nature—and now you can finally go wherever you want for as long as you want without driving around all day to get another drink of diesel. With the SunSparks System, you can power your RV’s appliances and your personal electronic devices while camping for months at a time.”

For more information, visit Zebra Energy.

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