Supplier Debuts Cellphone Signal Booster for RVers

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A cellphone signal-boosting supplier debuted its latest signal-boosting product, the weBoost RV, a 4G signal booster made for RV travel.

The product is made by Wilson Electronics company, CellPhoneSignalBooster, and is capable of providing a boosted cell signal for indoor areas up to 1,500 square feet, according to the news release.

“Connectivity simply isn’t something that modern travellers want to compromise on. The RV-4G caters to this need by arming RVs with a strong mobile signal, regardless of physical location,” CellPhoneSignalBooster’s Jazmin Mendoza said in a news release.

Designed to boost the cell signal for multiple users inside an RV, fifth wheel or bumper pull trailer, the weBoost® RV-4G works across all U.S. and Canadian carriers. Compatibility is superlative, providing a boost in voice, data and 4G LTE signal for all cell phones and data devices, including tablets, laptops and mobile hot spots.

Users can enjoy multiple power supply options, including an AC wall adapter, 12V DC cigarette lighter adapter and hardwire, giving them the option to plug directly into the RV dashboard or a powered campsite socket.

A reversible suction cup mount allows for easy installation and orientation of the outside antenna on the exterior of the trailer.

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