Supplier Debuts Corrosion Protectant Spray

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Meguiar’s announced a new product to its line of marine and RV care products, called Trailer Corrosion Protectant.

The company developed the spray to help protect trailers against salt, rust and corrosion. To increase the lifespan of a trailer, the spray creates a barrier that protects against corrosion on both coated and uncoated metal surfaces for months.

While many competing products are penetrants that leave a tacky residue, Meguiar’s Trailer Corrosion Protectant quickly dries evenly after application leaving behind a clear finish without any residue or drips the company said in a news release Thursday (June 23).

The protectant is currently available at Marine / RV outlets across the U.S. with an MSRP of $19.99 and can be found online for purchase at

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