Supplier Debuts Signal Boosting Products for RVs

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A maker of cellular signal boosting electronics added two products to improve mobile devices for RV users.

Formerly known as Wilson Electronics, weBoost, of St. George, Utah, debuted the products, the Drive 4G-X and the RV-4G, which are designed to boost signal reception.

“Our smartphones, devices that rely on cellular signal, are at the core of our summer vacation tools. From sharing photos of gorgeous vistas, or smiling children, to looking for best-rate hotels, they now act as guides and reflections on our getaways,” weBoost CEO Don Blohm said. “Still, even the smartest device is ultimately useless on the road without signal.”

“The Drive 4G-X cellular signal booster for voice and data maintains continuous communication for all cellular devices in your vehicle, improving your coverage – including 4G – for all carriers. Its 12-volt power draw can pull in signal from cell sites that are father away, resulting in the greatest mobile range of any vehicle booster,” the company said in a news release.

The RV-4G is designed to boost signal for multiple users inside of an RV, fifth wheel or bumper pull trailer, the weBoost RV-4G includes a reversible suction cup mount that allows for easy installation and orientation of the outside antenna on the exterior of the trailer. It also includes multiple power supply options, including an AC wall adapter and a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter.

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