Supplier Offers Lithium-Ion Battery Option to RV Manufacturers

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Volta Power Systems showcased the latest in lithium ion energy storage and power delivery for the RV market at Booth 17 in the South Wing at the RV Industry Association (RVIA) show in Louisville, Ky.

Director of Operations Jack Johnson explained how Volta’s product plan developed.

“The automotive industry has spent millions developing the highest density lithium ion cells and the associated safety and reliability systems required to manage them,” he said. “For years many have recognized the value of these systems in other markets, however few companies have the research budget to develop similarly safe and reliable systems. A few have explored other lithium solutions with various degrees of success and risk. Volta’s mission has been to leverage automotive technologies into a standard, plug-n-play system available to all markets without the expense of engineering development.”

The Volta system is comprised of lithium ion cells with NMC chemistry, the same used to drive cars down the road today.  It also has the safety and reliability systems found in electric and hybrid cars, according to a news release. Part of the safety system is to enclose all safety critical features into a user in-accessible housing to ensure only properly trained individuals service the lithium ion system.

“Our half-pack contains 13.5kWh of energy. That’s equivalent to nineteen group 31 batteries or 1995Ah,” Johnson said. “That’s more than a thousand pounds of weight savings and more energy to power comfort and convenience at the same time.”

Volta’s large pack contains 27kWh and up to four can be combined together into one system.

“Operation of the power system is simple: turn the key, push the button and if the green light turns on, all is safe,” Johnson said. “No outgassing makes the system clean and requires no maintenance.”

Volta’s systems are ready for OEM production now.  Systems come pre-assembled, pre-programmed, tested and ready for installation with minimum connections.  More information can be found at

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