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Supplier Partners Launch Electric HVAC Unit

TCCI Manufacturing, an electric compressor supplier for commercial and heavy-duty markets headquartered in Decatur, Illinois, and TekModo, a materials and systems supplier headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, are introducing an electric HVAC unit expected to hit various markets in early 2024.

The companies said the new made-in-America product replaces traditional, decades-old, inefficient rooftop units. The variable speed electric HVAC unit offers both flexibility and efficiency without being limited to roof installation.

“As an industry veteran with extensive expertise in climate systems, we pride ourselves on pioneering new technologies and working closely with customers to advance sustainable product solutions to a diverse industry segment,” expressed Richard Demirjian, president of TCCI Manufacturing.

Designed for both on- and off-grid lifestyles, the system provides extended battery life while enhancing the overall experience, the companies said. The lightweight evaporator and condenser provide better airflow and lower temperature deltas, resulting in quiet comfort and low power draw. Notably, the system’s low power mode works with all solar packages on the market drawing less than 10 amps, delivering continuous cooling with minimal battery drain. Additionally, with the emerging trend of state parks moving to ban the use of generators, the HVAC system’s compatibility with solar packages eliminates the need for generators altogether.

Another distinctive feature of the system is its serviceability. It uses automotive-grade components for enhanced durability and is designed for easy repair or recharge.

“This partnership demonstrates our commitment to redefining industry standards, presenting a product that not only revolutionizes the RV sector but also provides a versatile solution for portable sanitation systems and off-grid enthusiasts,” stated Marc LaCounte, president of TekModo. “This is set to raise the industry standard for innovation and sustainability.”

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