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Survey Finds 56M People Plan to RV This Summer

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A recent survey of 180 million leisure travelers, commissioned by the RV Industry Association and conducted by Cairn Consulting, found that 31 percent are planning on going RVing this summer, according to RVIA President and CEO Craig Kirby.

“More and more Americans are ready to travel this summer and 56 million of them are planning to go RVing in an RV they rent, own, or borrow,” said Kirby. “Even with other forms of travel returning, the desire to use an RV to get outdoors and experience an active outdoor lifestyle is stronger than ever. RVing has been cemented as a mainstream travel option that is here to stay.”

RVIA surveyAsked their reasons for considering RV travel, the respondents cited an interest in exploring the great outdoors, flexibility to work or attend school remotely, and a desire to travel with children and family members as their top three motivations. The least popular response was unreadiness to take other kinds of trips.

The survey data revealed that 90 percent of leisure travelers plan to travel this summer and 60 percent of leisure travelers plan to travel more or the same amount in the next six months. The desire to travel is even stronger among RVers, 91 percent of whom said they plan on traveling more or the same amount in the next six months.

“Interestingly, a full 10 percent of current non-RVers plan to travel in an RV this summer,” said Kirby, who noted that a quarter of leisure travelers are considering the purchase of an RV in the coming months. “That’s great news for the RV industry as it strives to meet the record-breaking demand for RVs.”

The survey also showed that RVing is a year-round activity with 65 million Americans planning to take an RV trip in the next year and 34 percent of leisure travelers planning on renting an RV in the next year.

For the survey, leisure travelers are defined as any U.S. resident who has taken some type of leisure trip in the past 12 months.

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