Vancouver Mobile Dressing Rooms
Vancouver Mobile Dressing Rooms

 ‘Talent’ Trailers Earn Green Certification 

TRA Certification has announced the first Green Certification of Canadian “talent” trailers. These luxury talent trailers are offered by Vancouver Mobile Dressing Rooms. The new units have earned the gold level of certification by meeting requirements in the categories of resource efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency and indoor air quality.

“These units are both stylish and eco- smart,” said Mandy Leazenby, president of TRA Certification. 

These talent trailers are manufactured with the mindset of being resource efficient and reducing waste, according to the manufacturer. Many materials are cut to size by the supplier, such as flooring and countertops and reusable shipping containers are used as much as possible.

CNC machines and jigs are used to maximize materials and numerous materials are purchased regionally. Construction utilizes little wood and the gel-coated interior walls promote lasting durability. Additionally, the flooring and countertops incorporate recycled materials.

The talent trailers utilize LED lighting, incorporate ductless HVAC as well as efficient baseboard heating. The shower, kitchen and bathroom faucets are all low-flow and the toilet uses less water per flush than the standard residential toilet. 

As for indoor air quality, the trailers utilize low VOC interior components, including sealants, cabinets, hard flooring and insulation. Zero carpet is used which makes for easy clean-up and healthier indoor air. 

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