Team RV Express Adds Eastern Canada Representative

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One of the largest transporters of Canada-bound RVs has added a representative based in Canada’s Maritime province of Nova Scotia.

Team RV Express, headquartered in Middlebury, Ind., recently hired Shawn McGee last week as a territorial manager for eastern Canada, which includes Ontario and east. McGee will join a staff of three, including a representative for western Canada.

“We feel that eastern Canada, and the maritime region in particular, is our best opportunity for growth in 2019,” said Brian Mellstead, human resources director.

Mellstead said Team RV Express “cut its teeth” 11 years ago in Ontario and Quebec and has evolved to service all of North America but specializing in Canadian deliveries.

“In the past couple of years eastern Canada has been down a little while western Canada has been booming. We are forecasting the pendulum will start to go the other way this season,” Mellstead added.

McGee, a 30-year-old resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia, has worked in automobile sales for the past four years. He has resided in the Maritimes for the past eight years living in New Brunswick and on Prince Edward’s Island in addition to Nova Scotia. He is originally from Kingston, Ontario, and his family has been in the RV business for more than a decade.

“I love to try new things and this will definitely be new,” McGee said. “It will take me a bit to get used to selling an intangible item but I’m really looking forward to it.” He also said that he is the only RV transport company representative in Nova Scotia and initially his home province will be his main target. “We deliver to two Nova Scotia dealerships now but there are tons more we could be doing.”

Team RV Express has earned its growth by carrying dealer pick up (DPU) customers, according to McGee, and he said he will spend some time identifying which dealer is DPU and which is factory freight and then start calling on them.

He said he will spend a week training in Alberta with Devon Mason, Team RV Expresses western Canada manager, and then start preparing for Open House in September.

“What I’m looking forward most,” McGee said, “is visiting the dealerships, traveling to the remote areas of eastern Canada and seeing new things.”

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