Team RV Shows Drivers Appreciation

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Team RV Express of Middlebury, Ind., recently combined the grand opening of its new recruiting and orientation facility in White Pigeon, Mich., with a driver appreciation event, earlier this week.

More than 200 drivers attended the two-day event that was held on Monday and Tuesday.

“We couldn’t have been any happier with the number of drivers who attended the two lunches,” said Brian Mellstead, HR director. “The McGees (Team RV Express owners Mike and Kelly) went out of their way to make sure we showed every driver who attended how valuable they are to this company. … We try to do something like this every year but because most of our drivers live hundreds of miles away it’s difficult to schedule an event that attracts them and then gets them back home with a delivery.”

Team RV Express’ sister company Ready RV started using the two-bays located at the new center a week earlier but stopped PDI production for the two-day driver appreciation event.

“We certainly appreciate the cooperation from Ready RV,” Mellstead said. “It skews their production numbers for the month a little bit but overall it’s worth doing.”

The McGees delivered on their promise to provide a delivery home for any driver who attended one of the appreciation lunches despite the advertised down turn in RV deliveries this month. According to Mellstead, every driver who attended a lunch had a delivery to a dealership in or near his hometown.

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