Tech Company Joins RV Rental Field

Another RV company is pitching its hat into the ring of the so-called sharing economy.

Outdoorsy is a startup that provides an online marketplace for motorhome and trailer owners to rent out their vehicles when they’re not using them, Tech Crunch reports. It’s set to tap into a market of young and upwardly mobile 20-somethings in search of new experiences.

Outdoorsy co-founder and the startups lead front-end developer Ryan Quinn lives the RV lifestyle out of a vintage ’91 Ford he refers to as his “vansion.” He rents out his home on wheels for $100 a night when he’s not in it himself.

Quinn falls into that age group that Outdoorsy could be perfect for – millennials (those age 18-34). RVs are mostly thought of as something retired folks or vacationing families motor around in.

Outdoorsy offers cross-country vehicles just waiting for experiences to be had in them for a short amount of time.

Summer RV travel is a very American pastime and millennials are the fastest growing segment of traveler in this section of the world. Outdoorsy provides the adventure of the road, the great outdoors and a nomadic lifestyle that might sound quite romantic to this age group – without adding that dreaded permanence of ownership.

The California-originated startup offers RV owners a way to make some cash on their campers with an economic model in the same vein as other peer-to-peer platforms. Owners list their vehicle on the site, with pictures, a description and the price of rental per night, just like homeowners do on Airbnb.

Outdoorsy takes a 10 percent cut from the renter and a 20 percent cut from the owner on each rental. Like Airbnb, Outdoorsy also provides a $1 million insurance policy in case a bad apple destroys your RV.

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