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Tech Company to Unveil World’s First Colored Solar Awning

Eco-dynamic, a U.S.-based tech-driven company aiming to harness the power of the sun and redefine renewable energy, introduces “Artpiece for RV 1000”, what the company said is the world’s first colored, motorized and rollable solar awning, to give RVers more possibilities of enjoyable ambience due to its solar power supply.

Solar awning
Aesthetics and technology combine in this new product

Eco-dynamic said Artpiece for RV 1000W combines solar power supply and sun shading in one solution, the Solar Awning. Instead of using fabric as awning material, it integrates lightweight 360-degree rollable flexible HJT solar modules and eliminates fabric replacements.

The company said what truly sets it apart from other solar awnings is Eco-dynamic’s KALAFLEX Technology, which imbues the solar cells with colorful patterns that never fade, enabling the Artpiece for RV 1000W to seamlessly blend in with the appearance of RVs and serve as a vital decorative element for high-quality camping lifestyles.

“Solar product should not just be a practical equipment, it can also be a shining piece of art,” said Michael Soon, vice president of business development of Eco-dynamic Tech. “With our expertise in solar industry for over 20 years, we’re dedicated to integrating aesthetic creativity into design of sustainable solar solutions for outdoors and households, enhancing the experience of customers to the next level. Artpiece is our first product line and now also the one and only solar solution with colorful patterns worldwide.”

With an aim to meet off-grid power needs, Artpiece for RV 1000W is designed to generate about 1,000 watts of power output, depending on sunlight quality.

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