Marvin Miller
Marvin Miller

Tech Says Certification Boosts Job Satisfaction

It’s easy to tell when a person is excited about his job, just by listening to how he describes the satisfaction he gets from a job well done.

For Marvin Miller, a master certified RV technician with Little Dealer Little Prices dealerships in Arizona, earning certification not only meant he could earn more money and have job security, it also made it so he could reach a high level of satisfaction by meeting the needs of his customers and setting them at ease.

“When I’m doing demonstrations, which I really like to do – when you can explain to them that you learned in school how to take care of things, and then I always throw in, ‘When I got certified back in 2000’ – that gives them a feeling of security knowing the people who work on their trailers have gone to school and learned the right way to do things,” he said in a recent interview with RV PRO. “It’s basically a bragging right to be certified. I was proud of it.”

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Miller’s skill and enthusiasm has earned him the nickname “Marvelous Marv” from Little Dealer owner Debbie Brunoforte.

This week the industry has celebrated not only certified technicians, but also fixed-base operations personnel during RV Professional Certification Week.

Miller, who earned his certification in 2000 and became master certified in 2006, said he strongly recommends that any young technicians should set their sights on becoming certified.

He said in addition to the benefit the industry receives in terms of a better reputation, the certified employees also have the potential to substantially boost their earnings.

Miller said he received a raise upon completing certification, but he also became eligible to take on more difficult jobs that he wasn’t qualified to tackle before his certification.

He credits courses offered though the Florida RV Trade Association via closed-circuit television for getting him to the point where he could pass the tests.

“The trainer was really sharp and I learned a lot,” he said. “I thought I knew a lot before I got certified, because I’ve been with Little Dealer for 30 years. You think you know a lot but then you go to the school and find out, ‘Hey, I didn’t know that.’ It was a bit uplifting.”

Since earning his master certification, Miller has taken continuing education classes and product service updates offered by suppliers such as Lippert and Suburban.

Even with all of his training and experience, Miller said a recent course held at Little Dealer’s Prescott, Ariz., store covering the ins and outs of tankless water heaters was extremely informative.

“I was totally unaware of the fact that to control the temperature you do not even turn on the cold water side,” he said. “The temperature is controlled by how much force is coming out of the hot water side. The less pressure that’s coming out, the hotter it stays, but you just screw it up when you try to mix hot and cold. I had heard customers complain before about the tankless that it was a bad option, but that’s simply because they were not using it correctly.”

Gaining information not only boosts Miller’s ability to perform his job well, it also helps him do a job outside of repair work that he thoroughly enjoys.

At Little Dealer, after a customer has been led through a pre-delivery inspection but just before taking possession of the vehicle, a member of the service staff leads a final demonstration of the RV to give the customer all the knowledge needed to operate it.

“They aren’t used to making purchases this big,” he said. “But after I lead them through the demo and show them these things aren’t that complicated and I can build their confidence in there they feel good about it. You just increase their excitement level.” 

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