TecNiq Docking Lights Deliver Up to 2,000 Lumens

When bright illumination is needed, TecNiq delivers with its new E600 and E610 docking lights. Ideal for boats, RVs, trailers and EMS vehicles, the lights are available as flush- or surface-mount, with up to 2,000 lumens of brilliant white light.

TecNiq's docking lights are built to last, backed by a lifetime warranty. The waterproof lights feature anodized cast aluminum heatsinks and TecSeal urethane potting. Form-fitting gaskets protect boat and vehicle finishes. To add to their durability, there’s a variety of 316 stainless steel covers. Custom connectors are also available on request.

The E600 Flush Mount Docking Light delivers 2,000 commanding lumens to light up the night, yet only draws 1.25 to 1.75 amps. Installed with two screws, it's 6.6-inches long by 3.1-inches wide, and 1.4-inches tall with a 1.3-inch recession.

Providing 1,400 powerful lumens, TecNiq's E610 Surface Mount Docking Light doesn't require a cut-out, just a small hole for wires and two screws. It draws .85 to 1.15 amps and measures 5.7-inches long by 3.2-inches wide, and 1-inch tall.

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