The Evolution of Manufacturing RVs in Germany

The following appeared on the website of Iowa-based Woodworking Network. Written by Martin Kohnle of North Carolina-based Lignum Consulting, the story talks about the German RV market and how the increased popularity of RVs, along with changing demographics, are forcing German manufacturers to re-think how they do things.

Over the last several years, RVing in Germany is more popular than ever. This is supported by the strong growing demand for new and used RVs (motorhomes, camper vans, and caravans) as well as the strong increase in RV rentals.  Since many German RV enthusiasts are vacationing in their own country, the local tourist industry is also benefiting from this boom.

The demographic profile of German RV customers has changed. In the past, the majority of families with children and retirees comprised most of this cost-effective way of vacationing. There are now a growing number of younger generations, with higher income levels, interested in RV vacations. Customers want freedom, independence, and flexibility, combined with comfort, convenience, individuality and all the way to luxury. Refer to the study by the Caravaning Industry.

This demand must be met by RV manufacturers, RV dealers and camping spot providers.

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