The Galeo Group Launches Anti-Theft Tracker

The Galeo Group unveiled a new theft prevention and recovery system, consisting of a rugged tracking device and companion mobile application (available for iOS and Android).

The Galeo Pro tracking device features cellular LTE, GPS, Bluetooth and an accelerometer for motion-activated alerts. It is about the size of a whiteboard eraser and can be configured to send an alert when it senses motion.

Manufactured in the United States, Galeo Pro is expected to begin shipping this fall with Verizon and FCC certifications.

“We invented this system because many thousands of trailers are stolen every year in the United States, but fewer than 25 percent are recovered,” said Jeff Johnson, president of The Galeo Group. “With the advent of new cellular technologies, we seized the opportunity to create a product with an affordable subscription price to protect any trailer and its contents from theft.”

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