The Vixen 21 TD RV Was the Sports Car of Motorhomes

The Vixen TD

What if the designer of the DeLorean turned his sights to motorhomes? Benjamin Hunting answers that questionin this piece for Click the link below to read the full article.

It’s long been said that finding a profitable niche and making the most of it is a surefire path to success. When muscle car pioneer Bill Collins decided it was time to move on from his design role at DeLorean (where he penned the original take on what would become the DMC-12), he turned his attention to that most neglected of ’80s market slots: the high-performance motorhome.

Of the myriad reasons one might choose to purchase a recreational vehicle—a usable kitchen, pop-out living room, or cozy sleeping space for the entire family—how much g-force it can pull on the skid pad probably ranks way down on the list. With the average Class A motorhome checking in around 33 feet in length, the idea of tilting through a slalom at a high rate of speed, or even approaching triple-digits on a straight stretch of highway, is more terrifying than tantalizing for the vast majority of RV owners.

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For everyone else, there’s the Vixen. After surveying the field of contemporary pushers and pullers and finding it lacking, Collins was determined to build a motorhome that didn’t just show up the competition in terms of interior comforts and road-trip-friendly practicalities. Instead, his design would borrow from Bavaria in a bid to best its rivals in terms of handling, and speed, and drivability.

The craziest thing about Bill Collins’ quixotic camping quest? He managed to pull it off.


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